My Philosophy

Pregnancy is such a special time. Although it might not feel like it right now, 9 months is not a long time! Any opportunity to savour it and lay down foundations for birth and for connections to your baby should be taken.


Yoga in pregnancy is beneficial for so many reasons, not just physical, but emotional and psychological. I don't want to just provide an exercise class, modified for pregnancy. My classes are about creating connections and a community and about women supporting women.

Classes are kept simple and accessible, there is no need for any previous yoga experience. Week by week I get to know my students so that I can tailor the class to suit individual needs as much as possible. Class content is varied each week, but using simple content that can be practiced at home.


We will use a combination of breathing techniques, gentle yoga poses and guided relaxation techniques, all of which can easily be recreated at home.

I think that birth gets a 'bad press' with images in the media and on TV only expressing negative aspects and horror stories, without the balanced view of the calm and wonderful birth experience that is equally as possible. Positive birthing begins by listening to and understanding our bodies - a skill that has been forgotten in our busy lives. Yoga is the perfect place to re-establish that connection and tune into the natural power our bodies contain.

My Story

I have been practicing yoga since 2010 and I have been hooked ever since my first class.


At the end of 2015 I became pregnant with my daughter, right in the middle of my yoga teacher training! I absolutely loved my yoga practice and I must admit that I found the physical changes and limitations of pregnancy quite challenging, added to a full time job and the requirements of the teacher training course syllabus. It wasn't until I was 7 months pregnant and on a retreat in France that I finally admitted to myself that I was going to have to let go of the old me and embrace the new me which meant starting specific pregnancy yoga classes on my return - I immediately kicked myself for not joining sooner! I pretty much decided there and then that as soon as I could, I would start to teach other pregnant ladies so that they could benefit from the wonderful experience that I had in those classes and to give them time to really embody the techniques that are so useful for labour, birth and motherhood.

In 2017 I undertook Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training at Whitespace Studio with the incredibly knowledgeable and talented Dawn Wright, who is herself a student of Uma Dinsmore Tulli who really is the main voice in pregnancy and women's yoga. The course was really thorough and based on up to date research as well as years of experience and a live teaching exam. I love to read about all things pregnancy and birth related and always looking for ways to add to my knowledge and understanding.

My Training 
Mother & Baby Yoga Teacher Training

Sally Parkes Teacher Training - June 2019

Align Your Baby

Online Course with The Hypnobirthing Midwife - January 2018

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

Whitespace Yoga Studio, Stony Stratford - October 2017

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Whitespace Yoga Studio, Stony Stratford - June 2016


Yoga Alliance


Associate Level 1 Member of Yoga Alliance UK

Maternity Leave Update

As this lovely photograph shows (yes,that's me!), I am expecting baby number 2! Due to arrive mid September 2019, I am now enjoying a little well earned rest from teaching and am now a student in class rather than a teacher! 

As it is very difficult to know when I will be ready, or want to start to teach again, I have arranged for a cover teacher to take over my class for the period covering at least up until Christmas 2019. It is my intention that things will carry on as much as business as usual as possible, and that my philosophy and style will continue, along with the flexible class-pass system. I will still be contactable via email, Instagram and Facebook, and bookings are still via this website, so please do message me if you have any queries at all. 

I am really looking forward to taking this time to be mum to a new baby again, knowing as I do now just how quickly this time will pass! If you are going to be in class in the interim period before I return I hope that I may still get  to meet you at one of the Mum Club meet ups, but if I don't, I hope you enjoy your time in class and have a happy, healthy pregnancy. 

Photo Credit - Miranda Walton Photography - Amazing Maternity and Newborn Photographer! 


I am very pleased to have arranged for a fantastic teacher to cover my classes whilst I take a little break from teaching, and introduce Becca to you. Becca has already been teaching for a little while and I have been lucky enough to be in a couple of her pre-natal classes, so I know you are in good hands, but here is a little bit more about her in her own words...

"I began practicing yoga in my early twenties but never really got into a regular practice. Six years ago, when my son was tiny I found yoga again and I engaged with the practice on a deeper level than I had done before, using movement, meditation and breathing to help with the stress and anxiety I was experiencing as a new mum.

I found my practice had a positive effect on my mental health and in turn, my physical health also improved as I gradually built strength and improved my flexibility.

Watching my sons own natural yogic movements as he began to crawl and walk and knowing the positive effect my own yoga practice had on me after giving birth I began looking into taking some teacher training.

Three years ago I trained to teach postnatal, baby, toddler and children’s yoga and set up my own business teaching classes. This lead me on to do my 200 hour registered yoga teacher training last year and just recently I added pregnancy yoga to my certification too."

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