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One of the things that I love doing as part of my classes and courses is seeing friendships made. When you’re new to parenting it can be a bit of a lonely place and having great friends around you can make all the difference. I know that first time around I naively thought that I didn’t need to make any new ‘mum friends’, I had plenty of friends already, thank you very much! 


But finding people who are going through the same thing at the same time can make all the difference to feeling that you’re not alone and that someone understands exactly how it is in the here and now. It may start with just an exchange of messages here, a coffee there to start with, but that’s where things grow from. 


I also understand that making new friends can be hard - who makes the first move? What if they reject you? What if you have nothing in common? That’s why I organise regular meet ups at sociable venues, I will be there, come along if you want to, no pressure of arranging things, no commitments, no having to ask or make the first move.


Connections made in my classes over the last few years have really lasted, I see people organising get togethers and catching up and it’s great. Coming to these get togethers for some has been their first time out on their own with their baby, or the first time breastfeeding in public. Knowing that there will be friendly faces waiting to meet you can make all the difference.



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"This meeting was such a big one for me, first time meeting up with friends out and first time feeding Ethan in public too and I felt confident about it because of all the support from the rest of the group ❤️ these meet ups are so valuable in more ways than one. X"

"Thank you for arranging our get together Amy! It was lovely to see you all...looking forward to the next one x"

"Lovely to see you all again and a great spot too 😊 Looking forward to the next one and Happy Christmas to you all! 😍 xxxx"