course extras

This series of videos is designed to support you through the post-natal period, or the 4th trimester, with helpful, informative and balanced information that you will find useful. Please do take the time to watch these at some point during your pregnancy as time spent preparing for the post natal period now will make for a smoother transition later. 

mindful breastfeeding video

This video presentation is by Alix and Jade from The Birth Uprising and is jam packed with information, hints and tips to get you informed about breastfeeding. Just like birth, breastfeeding is a very natural thing to do, but that does not mean that it is easy or that it will just happen, preparation is key and this will be a great starting point for you.


formula feeding information

Formula feeding can seem a minefield of conflicting information, with so many different brands of milk and bottles to chose from, so getting unbiased information is key. Here are some website links that will help you to get informed and make your own choices. 

It is also worth searching for information on 'paced bottle feeding' which is a more intuitive method, following the baby's needs rather than sticking to a timed routine early on. 

starting solids video

Moving on to giving your baby solids, or 'weaning' can be a bit daunting - what to feed, when to do it, how old, baby led or purees? And surprise surprise, everyone will have an opinion! This video is a great place to start with signs of when to start and some general myth-busting.

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baby wearing/slings video

Finding a comfortable way to carry your baby can be an absolute game changer - being hands free so you can move around the house while they sleep on you, or going on a walk that is not buggy friendly can be so handy, but more than that, having them close to you can feel so comforting for them and you, and helps make that transition from womb to world. These videos are by Becky from The Carrying Consultancy and talk you through some options. Its also worth looking out for a local sling library, most towns have one, and they can be a great way to either try before you buy or hire. 

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baby massage video

Baby massage is a gorgeous way to spend time bonding with your baby, doing something that they will enjoy and that has some really great health and development benefits for them too. There are lots of baby massage classes available and they are a lovely way to get out and meet other parents, but the beauty of an online course is being able to set your own pace and pause whenever you need to but without feeling that you have missed anything! This video is by Jade, the co-founder of The Birth Uprising so you are in good hands!

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