frequently asked questions ~ yoga

Do I need to have practiced yoga before?

No! The classes are gentle and aimed at beginners so do not worry if you have never stepped on a yoga mat before.

How soon can I start?

Ladies are welcome in class from 12 weeks, provided you have had your first scan which should confirm how many weeks that you are.

Yoga is a very safe practice at any time. However, up to around 12 weeks there is a higher risk of miscarriage and although it is highly unlikely that yoga would cause this, it is my preference to be as safe as possible.

What do I need to bring to class?

Yoga mat - it is much nicer to have your own space, you will be more inclined to practice at home and I always feel more comfortable and able to relax on my own mat. You can usually pick mats up for anything from £5 - £15 in TK Maxx or Tesco.

Please also bring either a normal pillow, or if you have one a pregnancy support pillow is great, these are for use in Savasana at the end of class. A blanket is a must for keeping you warm and cosy in relaxation and can also be useful for providing some extra padding under the knees etc during the class.

frequently asked questions ~ hypnobirthing

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a simple antenatal education programme aimed at dispelling the myths and fear that surround birth, to leave you feeling empowered, confident and ready for your birth. It does not involve stage hypnosis, it is not hippy and it is not dogmatic - I will not be telling you how to give birth, but I will tell you how to make informed decisions about your birth so that you are part of the process and are not simply on a conveyor belt of care. 

Why do a group or 1:1 course with you instead of downloading an online course?

Doing hypnobirthing is a little like learning to play a musical instrument. I could tell you how to play the piano in ten minutes, but it wouldn't mean that you could do it. If you went to lessons, you would progress. But if you practised between the lessons, you would progress much faster. For some people, buying a book, listening to a CD or watching an online course is sufficient, but for many people it is not and they need to do the whole course with a teacher. But nobody can say, until you have had your baby, which category you are in. If you combine hypnobirthing and yoga your practice will be topped up on a weekly basis and you will have the opportunity to ask me any questions that you have as they pop into your head. Being part of a group really helps you to make contacts, share information and form bonds that will really help over the coming months. In the covid world, I think that is now more important than ever.


For me personally, I know that my learning style would take on far more from a face to face course than an online video or a book. Furthermore, you cannot underestimate how important your birth partner will be. I knew that my husband would not take the detail on board from a video in the same way that he would in a class. 

Should I do NCT as well as hypnobirthing?

I know a lot of people recommend NCT classes, I personally didn’t do them so I don't have any direct experience, but I don’t think that I missed out, both courses have good points and are good for different reasons, naturally some of the content will overlap between the two. Both courses discuss stages of labour, birth positions, pain relief etc and NCT classes are likely to cover 'parentcraft' such as how to put a nappy on and bath your baby, but in my opinion, this is pretty self explanatory stuff - if you can wipe your own bum, chances are you will be able to wipe your baby's too. I have also heard a lot of people describe the best part of NCT as being the WhatsApp group and having contacts - with my courses you get that too, as well as the fantastic information. 

The big difference in my opinion is the practical tools and skills that are taught in Hypnobirthing that teach you how to cope with birth - yes, understaning how birth works will help to allay your fears, but that on its own is not likely to be enough - being able to relax is a skill that needs to be practiced and I teach the tools that will support this, as well as building your confidence and belief in your body.

As with everything, who is leading the group also makes a big difference, so it's worth connecting with the instructor beforehand so you can check if they are on the same wavelength as you.

How you prep for birth is your choice. It really depends on what you want from your antenatal classes. There's no right or wrong.

Is pain relief allowed with hypnobirthing?

Yes! Absolutely! Hypnobirthing is not against pain relief or medical intervention when they are necessary. But what hypnobirthing teaches you is how to know what is necessary for you and your baby so that you are making informed decisions that will leave you feeling confident and empowered.