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Firstly, don't be put off by the name - it really does not do the concept justice! I will teach you in a clear and logical way what hypnobirthing is (hint - it does not actually involve any form of stage hypnosis and I will not be at any point be clicking my fingers and saying "you're under!"), I will teach you about the physiology of birth, how to work with your own natural abilities and how to work with birthing professionals to have a birth that you will remember for years to come for the right reasons. 

During the course I will teach you how to change how you feel about birth, using clear information, led by science and facts. Hypnobirthing is not 'hippy' or airy fairy, it is evidence based, clear and logical. In fact, it would be better if we could re-name hypnobirthing as 'birth psychology'. We are all familiar with the way that athletes now prepare themselves for competition, not only physically, but mentally too; where the mind leads, the body follows. Preparing the mind means clearing out the negative associations with birth by dispelling the myths and educating on the realities of birth and your body's amazing capabilities. We will learn how to have a positive experience that you look forward to as the day that you will meet your baby for the first time.

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join me for a free taster ~ monthly via Zoom

Unsure if hypnobirthing is for you? Find out everything you need to know from the comfort of your own home and receive a discount on booking a course at the end! 

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group courses

face to face in Banbury £225

A 10 hour course, split over two Saturdays, held in person in small groups. Friendly, relaxed and fun. Get prepared for your birth whilst meeting other local parents.

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During the course we will:

  •  Learn exactly what hypnobirthing is (and is not!)

  • Learn how birth works and how your body is perfectly designed for the task

  • Talk about how your birth environment influences your birth and how to make it work for you, wherever that may be

  • Discuss your preferences and make birth plans

  • Learn the importance of your birth partner and exactly what their role will be for the birth so that they are an active participant, not a bystander

  • Learn how to physically prepare your body for birth (hint - yoga is excellent for this!)

  • Discuss how to maintain a calm and clear head when you may not feel it and have a positive experience, however your birth unfolds 

On top of all that you will receive:

  • 4 MP3 Relaxation Audios

  • Parents workbook with notes and activities to complete

  • Access to a private Facebook group with other hypnobirthing parents

  • Course WhatsApp Group 

  • Tea, coffee and snacks during the day

  • Me! I am always available at the end of the phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, carrier pigeon - however you want to contact me to ask any questions or for any support

  • Birth planning tools

  • A post birth meet up where you can chat about your birth and meet all the other babies from the group

  • Regular meet ups pre and post natal - you are welcome for as long as you want to keep coming to these

  • Breastfeeding preparation video

  • Baby massage course (pre-recorded)

  • Introduction to slings video

  • Introduction to starting solids video

  • 10% discount on all pre-natal yoga classes with me

If you would like to complete the full course but cannot make any of the available dates, why not consider a private 1:1 course? I can teach you at home via Zoom, at a time that suits you. You will have my undivided attention and can spend more time on the parts that matter most to you. A private course is £295, please contact me directly to discuss times and dates if you would like to follow this option. 

refresher hypnobirthing course

1:1 over 2 evenings (approx 4 contact hours) £150

Ideal if you have used hypnobirthing before and would like a refresher of the techniques, and time to take into consideration any reflections from your previous birth(s). These sessions take place over Zoom so can be at a time that suits you, usually over two evening sessions. Before starting the course we will have a brief chat to discuss your requirements so I can build a bespoke course for you.


If this is something that you are interested in please drop me a line to book so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time to chat. 

The course will include:

  • MP3 Relaxation Audios

  • Parents workbook with notes and activities to complete

  • Access to a private Facebook group with other hypnobirthing parents

  • Follow up support

  • Regular meet ups pre and post natal - you are welcome for as long as you want to keep coming to these

Plus you will have access to all of the following additional bonus material:

  • Breastfeeding preparation video

  • Baby massage course (pre-recorded)

  • Introduction to slings video

  • Introduction to starting solids video

  • 10% discount on all pre-natal yoga classes with me

hypnobirthing reviews

Cassie and Rob December 2021

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Amy for providing me with knowledge and support during this pregnancy.

If anyone is looking to do a Hypnobirthing course I would 100% recommend! It’s been invaluable and I wish I had done it before I had Ruby. It’s not only about breathing and mindset but information on your rights and advocacy and how your birth partner can best support you. Amy is just lovely and down to earth with lots of knowledge and resources she can direct you to.

She also runs a pre and post natal yoga class in Banbury and Brackley.which I have booked for the next course from next week.

Not only does she run the above but she encourages mamas to socialise and provides opportunities for this which is so important. So yea, hurray for Amy, what a ledge!

Levi and Aaron September 2021

This is my first pregnancy and I wanted to make sure I was healthy and as active as I could be. I came across Amy's class and felt nervous to begin with, however I need not to worry as Amy was so kind and welcoming. I have loved coming to Prenatal Yoga every week and meeting all the mums-to-be.

Alongside the Prenatal Yoga, I saw Amy ran a Hypnobirthing class. I cannot recommend this enough and if you are pregnant, sign up immediately!

Before the class, I was really apprehensive, worried and scared about labour. I wanted every pain killer available and would probably go with whatever the midwives tell me to do. Since we did the class, I feel so empowered, positive and excited to give birth. And no, Amy didn't wave a magic wand to cure my anxieties but she taught us how to be in control, embrace our inner strength and use the different techniques to ensure we have a relaxed and calm labour/birth.

I'm so glad my partner and I did the course!

Kate and Jake June 2021

I have recently taken Amy’s hypnobirthing course, and after going in feeling totally clueless and anxious about giving birth, I have come out feeling prepared, calm, positive and actually a bit excited about giving birth to my first child. Amy is really knowledgeable about child birth and I felt really at ease in her classes. She’s a great teacher.


I also have been taking part in her pregnancy yoga classes weekly which I feel goes hand in hand with the course in helping to prepare mind and body for birth, as well as meeting other parents to be. I would thoroughly recommend Amy’s hypnobirthing and yoga classes!


We had a great time and she is also on hand afterwards and a point of contact running up to the birth as well which is amazing.


Thankyou Amy!

Georgia April 2021

As a first time mum I wanted to be as prepared as I could be for labour. I joined Amy’s Hypnobirthing classes over zoom whilst in lockdown and it was the best thing I did! I had a tricky labour in the end (babies head to the side) but managed to still give birth the way I wanted which was to have only gas and air and the pool for pain relief! I can’t thank Amy enough for helping me prepare and I’m sure Hypnobirthing is how I managed to stick to my birthing plan. Thank you Amy!

Hayley and Scott April 2021

Highly recommend Amy's hypnobirthing and yoga sessions. I did both (via zoom due to lockdown restrictions) and am so glad I did! I knew I would be induced and Amy ensured I had all the knowledge I needed to go in feeling ready and calm. My husband and I really enjoyed the sessions and the hypnobirthing techniques really helped during labour. I was previously anxious but came away from the sessions feeling relaxed and prepared. My labour went really well and it's something I look back on really positively! Thank you Amy!

Rowena and Charles January 2021

As first time parents-to-be we have really enjoyed our Hypnobirthing sessions with Amy. Really informative, lots of opportunities to share thoughts and ask questions, practical hints and tips and have come away feeling a lot more prepared. We have been able to rethink our options for birth and gained a lot of confidence in knowing what we want and how to prepare. Feeling a lot more calm, positive and relaxed.

JoJo and Ant, January 2021

I contacted Amy about hypnobirthing as I was due in February with my first baby and I was determined to have a good, positive experience as I was always hearing people’s “horror” stories of birth.

We did a few sessions over December and January via zoom due to lockdown but I felt I still got plenty from the zoom calls and benefited hugely from Amy’s expertise. Amy has a very relaxed but informative way of teaching and I felt like I could message her in between sessions to ask questions (which I did).

When it came to my labour and birth I went fully equipped, both mentally and physically, with all the tools I needed to make my experience a positive one. I felt excited and well-informed about what was happening at every stage thanks to what I had learnt with Amy. I was induced and had a very quick labour and birth with little time in between to think but the things I made happen during it were all down to what I had learnt and I came away feeling like superwoman! I would highly recommend hypnobirthing for any expectant mother and have already recommended the course with Amy to a few friends. I will definitely be returning for my second!