hypnobirthing downloads and links

affirmation colouring sheets

These coloring sheets (designed by the very talented Jade from The Birth Uprising) are for you to use any time, maybe as a mindfulness exercise that can be displayed around your house, or perhaps something to do in early labour? 

positive birth videos

The internet is awash with birth videos, and I really recommend you take a look, most are quite short and are in no way as gory or grpahic as you might imagine! These are much better and more realistic viewing than watching One Born Every Minute or any other TV dramatisation of birth - remember these will ALL have been edited to make a TV programme, whereas these home videos give a much more realistic impression of birth.

Oliver's Birth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRUxqyzk9EE 

Daisy's Home birth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNhVLKU6zF8 

The birth of Jemima https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehHMkLO_XAE

positive birth stories

Just like watching positive birth videos, reading positive birth stories can be really helpful. There are often a lot more positive birth stories available covering a wider area of subjects, especially if you have a specific circumstance that you want to hear more about. Here are a few that cover some subjects that come up quite often. 

perineal massage tools

Perineal massage is recommended from around 36 weeks to help soften the tissue of the perineum to make tearing less likely, this is an evidence based approach that is recommended by health professionals as well as hypnobirthing teachers. The problem is, by 36 weeks, reaching your perineum can be a bit tricky, which is why devices such as the Epi-No have been developed. However, there is a cheaper alternative that I have heard good things about too. Here are links to both so you can compare and contrast! 



birth planning tools

Planning for birth is a great way to prepare yourself and your partner - I like to think of it almost like a revision exercise at the end of the course; by going through your options you will refresh your memory and spark conversation so that together you will know what is important to you. Work on a Plan A - your dream birth, Plan B for each element and a Plan C; a C-section birth plan.


A really helpful tool is the visual birth plan icons here:



I suggest you print them out and then go through them one at a time ticking or crossing out what you would like. You can also purchase these icons as a deck of cards with more information on the reverse of each one here: 


Once you have thought about your choices you can start to put it together into a document that can easily be read by your care provider - some NHS trusts now have an app for you to inout it to, others will still be working on paper copies. 

Here is a sample template that you may find helpful as a starting point - please feel free to amend and adapt it to you! 

paracetamol in labour

When you go into labour you are advised to phone your local midwife and inform them. They will 'triage' you over the phone, i.e. advise whether or not to attend the hospital or birth centre, send the midwife to you, or stay put at home. If you are not in established labour you may be advised to take paracetamol and rest. In this interesting blog post by The Undercover Midwife, some very serious doubts are raised about how sensible it is to do this. Sadly there is no research into this area at the moment, but it makes for very interesting reading - take a look and decide for yourself whether or not you think it is worth taking paracetamol.