I consider pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing to be an investment in you, your pregnancy and your birth. I appreciate that there are a lot of things that you are told that you need to spend money on when you are expecting; travel systems (they don't call them prams any more!); nursery furniture; changing bag; and a whole host of other equipment. The thing is, babies grow incredibly quickly and before you know it things are outgrown and they have moved on to the next piece of equipment whilst the once shiny new pram gathers dust in the garage, whereas the memories of your pregnancy and birth will stay with you forever. I know this because for a long time after my children were born I would go somewhere and find myself thinking, 'last time I was here, you were still in my tummy' and every year in the run up to my children's birthdays I think back to the lead up to their births, where I went, what I did, the whole thing. I treasure these memories and would love for you to have the same experience.                             

£10 per 1 hour class, payable in advance for a half term (varied length of around 6 weeks). If you are nearing your due date, or you are not 12 weeks at the start of term I will try to accommodate you on a part-term basis - please contact me for availability.

Yoga classes are run on a termly basis, in line with the local school terms, with a break at half term, classes do run over the summer holidays though. The length of each term varies slightly but is usually around 6 weeks. 

Group Course: £225. Your place on the course is secured by a £50 deposit with the balance due in full one day before the course starts. If cost is a barrier to attending the course please contact me to discuss a payment plan option to spread the cost.  

Refresher Course: £150

If you attend a taster session  I offer a discount on booking a group course - come along to see what you think, you have nothing to lose! 

Hypnobirthing and Yoga
Hypnobirthing and yoga are a perfect compliment to each other - both are at their most effective when practised regularly; in my yoga classes I teach the gentle movements that can be used in an active birth, alongside the breathing techniques that are part of the hypnobirthing course; in hypnobirthing you will learn why the active movements and calming breath work are so important and beneficial to your pregnancy and birth. 

Booking both courses together will give you a 10% discount on yoga, for as many terms of yoga as you take.