From time to time I come across people and products that I think are too good not to share and will happily recommend them here. This is all just my personal opinion, I don't get paid by sponsors so you can be certain that these are genuine endorsements of products and services that I have personally had experience of and that I think are worth shouting about.

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The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill

This is the book that I wish that I had read when I was pregnant! It is packed full of really well researched information, real life examples and guidance on where to go for more information. This book dispels the myth that it is dangerous to make a birth plan, and instead advocates birth 'preferences' so that you can empower yourself to have the best birth on the day.

I think this book is particularly relevant for ladies in the Banbury area as there is a lot of debate about the best location for your birth whilst the Horton General is a Midwife Led Unit rather than consultant led. This book will help to inform you about the different choices and where to go and what to ask so that you can make the right decision for you.

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Lavender Eye Pillows

At the end of class when we settle down for Savasana (relaxation), I will offer you a Lavender Eye Pillow which we place over the eyes to help to block out the light as an aid to relaxation. As well as helping to relax the eyes, the gentle weight of the pillow over the eyes feels lovely and the gentle scent of lavender will hopefully come to be something that you associate with calm, focus and tranquillity. I vividly remember squeezing mine during contractions and deeply inhaling the smell which brought deeply ingrained feelings of calm washing over me. They are also great to use after baby is born for when you want to take a nap - even if you don't always go to sleep - just closing your eyes and triggering some relaxation can be beneficial.


I supply pillows to use in class, just like the one in the photo, and occasionally I also have a small number for sale, handmade by another local yogi. Please do ask me for information.