Prices and Class Passes

6 Class Pass: £60 (i.e. £10 per class)

Can be purchased at any time from 14 weeks of pregnancy, valid for 8 weeks, i.e. you can miss two weeks of classes and you will not miss out on completing your pass.

This is a really great way of committing to coming to class, but maintaining a huge degree of flexibility. I want my class to be accessible to as many people as possible and feel that this structure is the best way of offering this.

4 Class Pass: £44 (i.e. £11 per class)

Can be purchased from 32 weeks of pregnancy. This pass will be valid for 5 weeks, i.e. you can miss one class and still complete your pass.


This pass is designed to give some comfort to ladies who are in their third trimester and understandably may be worried about pre-paying for 6 Classes.

Drop In: £12 per class

Can be purchased from 32 weeks of pregnancy, for ladies that have practiced with me before, paid for on a weekly drop-in basis. Please check that space is available before class - class pass holders will take precedence.


This way of paying is aimed at the ladies that would like to continue in class but want to be entirely flexible about attendance in their third trimester.

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