the complete antenatal education course

Firstly, don't be put off by the name - it really does not do the concept justice! I will teach you in a clear and logical way what hypnobirthing is (hint - it does not actually involve any form of stage hypnosis and I will not be at any point be clicking my fingers!), I will teach you about the physiology of birth, how to work with your hormones, how to prepare practically and emotionally and how to work with your birthing team and in the birth 'system'. By the end of the course you will be feeling excited and ready to meet your baby with a thorough knowledge of what to expect, you will have an amazing resource of parents workbook and downloads and my support right up to the day itself.

During the course I will teach you how to change how you feel about birth, using clear information, led by science and facts. Hypnobirthing is not 'hippy' or airy fairy, it is evidence based, clear and logical. In fact, it would be better if we could re-name hypnobirthing as birth psychology or birth coaching. We are all familiar with the way that athletes now prepare themselves for competition, not only physically, but mentally too; where the mind leads, the body follows. Preparing the mind means clearing out the negative associations with birth by dispelling the myths and educating on the realities of birth and your body's amazing capabilities. We will learn how to have a positive experience that you look forward to as the day that you will meet your baby for the first time. 

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