Don't just take my word for it; below are some lovely comments from ladies that I have been privileged to teach. I am so passionate about my work, but it is these kind of comments that really fill me with pride!

Polly and Baby Olivia, born May 2018

"Hi Amy, just wanted to let you know that Olivia was born on Friday evening at the Horton weighing 8lb 11.5oz. She arrived pretty quickly after 2.5 hours of contractions and I was able to deliver on just gas and air and in the pool. I honestly believe without doing your yoga classes and practising the breathing techniques, things would have turned out very differently (with Jackson's delivery I had every kind of pain relief!). So just wanted to say a big thank you! She's just perfect and I can't believe she is finally here! xx"

Adele and Baby William, born May 2018

"My labour was controlled and very quick and it was down to the simple practice of breathing! Amy taught me some invaluable breathing techniques and positions that I even practiced during the last stages of labour! The reason her classes work are because they suit all pregnant ladies; if you need to learn how to move more, or if you need to learn how to slow down then you'll find Amy's class a peaceful place to zone out and meet like minded people, offering an inbuilt support network at a time you need it most. Thank you Amy!"

Emma and Baby Rex, born October 2018

"Pregnancy Yoga with Amy was a great opportunity to have protected time to bond with bump, and work on breathing and gentle muscle strengthening ready for labour. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and opportunity to meet other local mummies. I would thoroughly recommend Amy's classes to anyone! 

Harriet and Baby Nancy, born October 2018

I began attending Amy's classes as soon as I possibly could, at 14 weeks pregnant. For me, it was very much about taking the time out of my busy life of working and being a mum to my toddler to really focus on my pregnancy. It often felt like that hour each week was the only time I gave dedicated thought to the little baby growing inside me.

As a relative newbie to yoga, Amy guided me through the different poses, offering gentle advice to get the most out of each session. She taught different breathing techniques as well as pointing out good positions for labour towards the latter end of my pregnancy. The savasana (relaxation) at the end of each session was also a perfect opportunity to shut out the world and deeply relax, something that feels rare these days.

Amy is a super teacher and I really valued not only the physical aspects of the classes but also the discussions that came from her extensive reading on pregnancy, labour and birth.

I would thoroughly recommend Amy's pregnancy yoga classes to anyone and am now hoping she will start doing post-natal classes too!

Katy and Baby Eva, born January 2019

I didn't think I was a yoga person but after attending Amy's classes I have fallen in love with yoga! Amy makes such an effort to ensure all mums to be are welcomed and is able to tailor all poses to individual needs and ability. I would always leave class feeling positive and relaxed. As well as the physical benefits I very much benefited from positive mental well being. It made me feel confident and excited to welcome my baby into the world and was brilliant to have dedicated time to focus on myself and my baby. Amy goes above and beyond, she doesn't just teach yoga, she provides opportunities for weekend classes, a platform for mums to communicate with each other and social get togethers. I would highly recommend Amy's classes to all mums to be! 

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