Pre-Natal classes have all moved online but are still running at the same times


Each class is streamed live over Zoom and recorded at the same time so if you miss the class or you would just like to do it again in your own time, you will have access to the recording. Each class is different, and you are very welcome to attend both classes if you want to, or just swap to a different day - particularly helpful if you have other commitments that week. 


Classes will still contain the usual mix of breath work, gentle movement and relaxation, followed by time to chat and connect at the end of the class. You may even feel more of the benefits as you do not have to travel to get to class and can practice in your pjs! I end the class with a guided relaxation which is part of the hypnobirthing course - if you are doing hypnobirthing with me then this will feel wonderfully familiar, but if not it will still feel lovely and relaxing anyway. 

Safety is my number one priority, so whilst I love teaching face to face, classes will only resume face to face when it is safe to do so. 

Class Content 

Pregnancy Yoga

Classes are kept simple and accessible, there is no need for any previous yoga experience. Week by week I get to know my students so that I can tailor the class to suit individual needs as much as possible. Class content is varied each week, but using simple content that can be practised at home. We will use a combination of breathing techniques, gentle yoga poses and guided relaxation techniques, all of which can easily be recreated at home. We will also be using some of the relaxation techniques from my hypnobirthing classes as part of the yoga class.

Post Natal Yoga

Post natal classes are designed to support recovery of the post natal body in a gentle and empowering way which also protects precious energy resources at this time of huge change. These classes are all about the mums - not the babies! Babies are very welcome in the class, I know how difficult, if not impossible it can be to leave a baby in those early months, and yet you still want and need something that is for you, so bring them along, feed them, change them, soothe and play as much as you want to and join in with as much or as little of the class as you want to or is suitable. Having done mum and baby classes myself, I know how there are weeks when they sleep through the whole thing, and other weeks where you spend the whole time feeding, but that does not mean that you will not benefit from the supportive group environment and relaxing breathing techniques. The classes will include simple breathing techniques, gentle stretching and strengthening work, pelvic floor exercises and a guided relaxation session. At the end of the session there is time for group connection and chat, with light refreshments provided. 

Before joining the class I carry out a health assessment over Zoom to discuss your birth, your recovery so far as well as your general wellbeing. I like to do this as I know there is so much more to be said than can be covered in a health assessment form, including a self-check for diastasis recti, the common pregnancy condition of abdominal separation. 

Mothers will be welcome in class after doctors sign off at the 6 week check up, or from 10 weeks if post c-section. Sadly I am all too aware that the 6 week check up is often fairly brief and can overlook a lot of the mother's health, but as an insurance condition this is required.  


Class Times and Locations

Monday 7.00pm - 8.00pm Pre Natal Yoga at The Well Retreat, Brackley 

Thursday 7.30pm - 8.30pm Pre Natal Yoga at Frank Wise School, Banbury

Friday 11.30am - 12.30pm Post Natal Yoga at The Well Retreat, Brackley






The Well Retreat is situated close to Brackley town centre, within walking distance of shops and cafes. The Well Retreat is home to a range of wellbeing practitioners, providing aromatherapy, pilates, tai chi, yoga and talking therapies, as well as pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing with me. 

The full address of the studio is:

The Well Retreat

5 High Street 


Frank Wise School is situated close to Banbury town centre, just up the road from Banbury Cross. The Hall is a lovely light and airy space which benefits from climate control, making it a lovely warm space in winter and comfortable and cool in the summer. Just outside the hall is the school car park providing plenty of spaces.

The full address of the hall is:

The Seymour Hall

Frank Wise School

Hornbeam Close


OX16 9RL

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