yoga joining info

Monday: 7.00pm - 8.00pm Pregnancy Yoga at The Well Retreat, Brackley 

Wednesday: 10.00am - 11.00am Post-Natal Yoga at Temple of Yoga Studio, Parsons Street, Banbury

Thursday: 7.30pm - 8.30pm Pregnancy Yoga at Frank Wise School, Banbury

Friday: 10.50am - 11.50am Post-Natal Yoga at The Well Retreat, Brackley

My classes are held at three different venues across Banbury and Brackley, please ensure that you have all the information about where to go and what to do for the class that you are booked into! 


venues and parking

Pregnancy Yoga Banbury: 

The Seymour Hall

Frank Wise School

Hornbeam Close


OX16 9RL

Free parking is available in the onsite car park.

Post Natal Yoga Banbury

Temple of Yoga

London Yard (off Parsons Street)


OX16 5LZ

Paid public car parking is available at the top of Parsons Street or at the rear of The Old Auctioneer. The entrance to London Yard is almost opposite the Old Auctioneer. Walk into the yard and turn right, keep walking to the right and the studio door is to the left of the double garage doors. There is plenty of buggy parking space inside.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Brackley: 

The Well Retreat is in the centre of Brackley, at the top of the High Street. There is free on street parking outside the studio and in the roads nearby. The studio entrance is via the gate to the left hand side of the building, follow the path that leads to the back of the building, signposted as studio entrance. There is limited space for buggy parking, you are welcome to leave them (at your own risk) in the gardens to the rear of the building.

The full address of the studio is:

The Well Retreat

5 High Street 


NN13 7AD

what to bring

Pregnancy Yoga: 

Yoga mat


Pillow/Cushion, blanket for relaxation

Comfy stretchy clothes in layers that you can add to/take off as we move

Socks to keep warm at the end of class (ideally taking socks off for class to avoid slippage)

Post Natal Yoga:

Yoga mat

Comfy/stretchy clothes

Mat or blanket for baby to lie on next to you during practice

Usual change bag things (please take nappies home with you)

social links

The number one reason that people tell me that they have signed up to classes is usually not to get flexible and stretchy (although that is part of it!), but is actually to meet people! So I have come up with a few different options to help with that. Each group has a WhatsApp group, there is a big Facebook group and there are regular meet up opportunities. 

Pregnancy yoga WhatsApp: 

Brackley Post-Natal WhatsApp: 

Banbury Post-Natal WhatsApp: 

For hypnobirthing I create smaller course groups as there tends to be a lot of chat there specific to course content and babies arriving, so if you are signed up to hypnobirthing you will get that in due course!

HYT Facebook group - open to all class members: submit a joining request and I will let you in!